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At Ethio Advert, we want to ensure a transparent and smooth shopping experience for our users. It’s important to note that Ethio Advert does not provide refunds or accept returns for any purchases made through our website. We encourage users to establish clear communication and agreements with sellers regarding returns or refunds before finalizing any transactions.

Responsibility for Purchases:

Ethio Advert will not take any responsibility for purchases made through our website. It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange and coordinate returns or refunds directly with the seller. We act as a platform connecting buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions, but we do not manage or oversee individual agreements between parties.

Communication with Sellers:

Before making a purchase, we strongly advise users to communicate with sellers to discuss and agree upon return or refund policies. Sellers may have their own terms and conditions regarding returns, exchanges, or refunds, and it is crucial for buyers to be aware of and understand these policies before proceeding with a transaction.

Clear Terms for a Smooth Experience:

To ensure a satisfactory shopping experience, it is recommended that buyers and sellers establish clear terms for returns or refunds in advance. This includes specifying conditions under which a return or refund may be accepted, the timeline for processing, and any associated costs. Open communication between buyers and sellers is key to resolving any potential issues.

Ethio Advert’s Facilitative Role:

Ethio Advert serves as a platform for classified ads, connecting buyers and sellers across various categories. While we aim to provide a secure environment for transactions, it’s important to acknowledge that Ethio Advert is not directly involved in individual transactions. Our role is to facilitate connections, and users are encouraged to exercise diligence in their interactions.

Guidance for Users:

We recommend users thoroughly review product listings, communicate with sellers, and clearly understand the terms and conditions set by sellers before making any purchases. Taking these steps will contribute to a more informed and secure shopping experience on Ethio Advert.

In summary, Ethio Advert emphasizes the importance of communication and agreement between buyers and sellers regarding returns and refunds. Users should be proactive in understanding and confirming the terms set by sellers to avoid any potential misunderstandings.